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Meet the family...

Ian Kent


Ian is widely reguarded as the most successful male table tennis player in the history of the Atlantic Provinces. He has won every title possible at the Provincial and Atlantic level, and has had success at the National Level. He was also National Team Coach from 1986-1990.


Highlights Include:

 - 29 Time NS Mens Singles Champion

 - 15 Time Atlantic Mens Singles Champion

 - Runner up in National U13 singles (in his first year playing)

 - National Mens Open Quarter Finalist


As a disabled athelete Ian is the player to beat within Panamerica. He was the Silver Medalist in both Class 10 Singles and Team events in the 2007 Para-Panamerican Games, placed 12th at the Bejing Olympics in 2008, was Gold Medalist in Class 8 Singles and Team at the 2009 Para-Panamerican Championships, Gold Medalist in Class 8 singles and Silver Medalist in Class 8 Team at the 2011 Para-Panamerican Games, and Bronze Medalist in Class 8 Singles & Gold Medalist in Class 8 Team at the 2013 Para-Panamerican Championships. Ian has also medaled at numerous other international tournaments.

Most recently Ian was Bronze Medalist in Class 8 Singles and Bronze Medalist in Class 8 Team at the 2014.


For a complete list of Ian's International Medals click here.


Isaac Kent

Isaac is Ian's oldest son, and at 24 has already had a long career in table tennis. Starting playing table tennis at age 12, Isaac has won every possible provincial title including U12, U13, U14, U15, and U18 boys singles, U15 and U18 Boys Doubles, U18 Mixed Doubles, U21 Mens Singles, Men Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and The Mens Open Singles Event at the NS Closed.


At The Atlantic Level, Isaac has won the U15 Boys Singles, 18 Boys Doubles, U18 Boys Team, and U18 Mixed Doubles. He is also 3 time U21 Mens Singles Champion, Mens Doubles Champion, Mixed Doubles Runner Up, Mens Team Silver Medalist, and a Mens Singles Semi Finalist.


Nationally Isaac is a double Bronze medalist, In U18 Boys Doubles and U18 Boys Team events, and at age 13 Isaac was named to the National U15 Core Squad. He has also been a recipiant of awards for most Improved Player in the country (at age 16) and The Silver Bat, our national fair play award.


Outside of the sport, Isaac is an achieved guitarist, and record lable owner. You can learn more about that at

Tyler Kent

Tyler is the second of Ian's boys, and is the current number 2 in the province (behind Ian) in able bodied competition. He is 22 years old and has won the U15 and U18 Boys Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles, U21 Mens Singles, Open Mens Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles Provincial Titles.


At the Atlantic Championships he has won the U18 Singles, Team, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles Titles, has been Open Mixed Doubles Champion, Mens Team Silver Medalist, Mens Doubles Runner Up, and a Mens Singles Quarter Finalist.


Nationally Tyler was a Bronze medalist in the U15 Boys Doubles and Team catagories, and has recieved the most improved player award.


Outside of Table Tennis, Tyler recently graduated from St Mary's University, with a degree in Science.

Mark kent

Mark is Ian's older brother, long time teammate and trainer partner. As juniors the two rose to prominence as the top two players in the province. Mark has been U21, U17, U15 Provincial Champion in both singles and doubles, and has been Atlantic Champion in U17 Boys Singles and Doubles, U17 Mixed Doubles, Mens Doubles, Mixed Doubles and the Mens Team Event.


Mark represented Canada in a promotional exchange competition vs representatives from China in the 1980s called Ping Pong Diplomacy. He was also 1982 University Of Toronto Champion in both singles and doubles.


Mark currently lives in Oregon with his wife and competes regularly in local leagues and tournaments.

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